February 17, 2011

WWE Needs Competition

We've all said it, we all know it: Competition drives people to create/put out better products. A lot of us have said that WWE needs competition. The way I figure it, the only company at WWE's level is, well, WWE. With that in mind, I'd like to propose that WWE creates their own competition.

There are currently 2 brands, with 2 rosters. While ideally they would be unified again, in their current state there is the opportunity to start a massive brand warfare angle. Basically, have some kind of trigger that starts everything, and then have one of the GM's announce that it will be taken as an act of war if a superstar from the other brand sets foot on their show. Then have both shows try to one-up one another on a weekly basis.

Yeah, I've been a big supporter of a unified WWE, but if the brands are going to be separate, I say use it to your advantage. I know it wouldn't be legit like the Monday Night Wars, but I think it's the best we'd be able to get at this stage in the game.

Maybe even have it headed up by Shane vs. Stephanie in a fight to prove to Vince who the more worthy heir is. This, if done well, could also lead to the unification of the brands. WWE needs an overhaul on a lot of levels and I think this is a great starting point.

I do realize that WWE could still continue to give us crap on top of crap because they're their own competition, so we're giving them ratings either way, but I hope they're smart about it and give us real reasons to watch. Here's something else that would be neat to see, heels and faces only exist within each brand, because as soon as you show up on the other brand you'll get booed back to the stone age.

It would definitely add an awesome new dynamic to the shows, it would drive merchandise sales for both brands and stars and create the competition WWE so clearly needs. Like I said above, even if it's not legit, it would still be better than what we're getting now.

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