February 2, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw Review: Jan. 31/11

It's that time of the week again, folks. I'm going to be tinkering with my new format a little bit. First a couple of notes on it: Cena and Cole will never appear under the bad section, unless there is something in particular worth mentioning specifically. Other than that, they are a given on the list.

As with the above, matches won't appear under the good or bad, unless again there is something worth singling out. They have their own section and will be reviewed there.

Introducing a new section, "WTF?" This will cover the things that don't fit into either category, and made me go "huh?" or what have you.

Let's get this rolling.

WZ Coverage

The Good:

--Alberto Del Rio's opening promo. He pulls of the arrogant douchebag gimmick very well. Plus, he insulted Justin Bieber. Can't argue with that. Actually, I'm going to change this and say the entire opening segment, minus the mention below in "the bad." Everyone did a great job here.

-- Maryse walking out on DiBiase. I think that she was weighing him down. Hopefully this brings an end to them. Maryse is hot, but she does nothing for Ted. Unless they play the gold digger angle, this is going nowhere.

-- The 2/21/11 video. It's done something that the WWE product has done recently. It has people talking. I even watched it frame by frame to see if there were subtle hints. I'm leaning towards Taker myself, despite what someone has said about Taker's videos being extremely conspicuous. I for one think that this is a gimmick alteration that Taker does from time to time.

-- Morrison is impressive yet again. hanging from the bottom rope by his feet and hauling himself back up was sweet. Between this and last night during the Rumble, he's on a bit of a roll. That, and he was able to get a few good shots on Cena for good measure.

The Bad:

-- Finding out who Del Rio is facing so soon. I honestly prefer the long buildup in this case. They kinda blew a good month of hype with that. On the other hand, they now have a definitive match to push. Does that balance out? Not quite.

-- Husky Harris being taken out. I would have much rather seen Orton punt Otunga, but oh well. Harris and McG were one of the few viable tag teams left and with one of them gone, I question not only Nexus, but the tag team division as a whole.

-- Jerry Lawler as the #1 contender. This guy shouldn't be in the ring, let alone a WWE title match. It's a waste of, well, everything.

-- Putting both top champions on the middle card for the second night in a row. I said it in my random rant the other night and I'll say it again. It doesn't make the titles look as important as they should. If they're the 2 things that everyone is gunning for, why have them so low on the card?

-- Danceoff. What the hell was that. The world's fattest man and the Punjabi teddy bear dancing against the Usos. Well, at least it wasn't a Cena match.


-- Was one of Del Rio's mariachi players Asian?

-- How the hell did someone get in a sign that said "hell" on it?

-- When you go for a tandem move, make sure both people can actually do it. Third time is the charm though, right Truth?

The Matches:

Santino/Kozlov vs. Harris/McGillicutty -- To quote Miz for a second, really? Really? Nexus is supposed to be stronger than ever, yet they're losing to a joke of a finisher. It's total BS. That said, Harris and McGillicutty (I'm sick of typing that out, from now on, I'm calling him McG) did alright. Good work from them, but that was the only good part of the match.

Rating: 6/10

Bryan Danielson vs. Tyson Kidd -- Too short, plus the Bellas on commentary made for a boring match. Danielson is normally highly rated, but this week is an exception. I think he and Kidd did a good job in terms of technical ability, but the match didn't draw me in.

Rating: 6/10

Edge vs. Miz -- Great match, until Cena came along of course. He has this uncanny ability of ruining everything, including himself. It's total bullshit that we should have to see Cena sticking his ugly mug into everything that makes a show good. The was one of the few decent matches tonight, and he killed it.

Rating: 7/10

Eve/Natalya vs. LayCool -- Not a fan of this one. The only standout was Natalya as seems to be the case every week, but Layla was still hot as ever. Not much to say here.

Rating: 5/10

Raw Rumble -- It had its moments, but overall it was dumb. It was at best a very poor man's Rumble. I didn't understand why it was necessary. I don't have anything else to say about this.

Rating: 4/10

Average Match Rating: 5.6/10 (+0.4)

Match of the Night: Edge vs. Miz, minus the finish

Overall Show Rating: 6/10 (+1)

I was honestly hoping for more matches, but the Raw Rumble ate up way too much time. There were good promos as there usually is, but there was nothing overly spectacular. I'm working on a post about how WWE can draw people back in through internal means and I should have that up in a few days.

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