December 20, 2009

Single branded PPVs the answer?

First things first, I'll define what a single branded PPV is to those who are unfamiliar with the term. Single branded PPVs are PPVs which are exclusive to one, or rarely, two brands, but not all three.

WWE has used single branded PPVs before, after the brand extension in June 2003. It was discontinued in March 2007, because single-branded PPVs had already engaged in inter-branded matches and the WWE thought that PPVs weren't entertaining enough.
Here's the list of single branded PPVs before it was discontinued:

New Year's Revolution/Bad Blood(NYR replaced Bad Blood from 2005-2007) Raw 2004–2007
Backlash Raw 2004–2006
Vengeance Smackdown! 2003 Raw 2004–2006
Unforgiven Raw 2003–2006
Cyber Sunday Raw 2004–2006
Armageddon Raw 2003 SmackDown! 2004–2006
No Way Out SmackDown! 2004–2007
Judgment Day SmackDown! 2004–2006
The Great American Bash SmackDown! 2004–2006
No Mercy SmackDown! 2003–2006
December to Dismember ECW 2006

Well, firstly, why should the WWE make single-branded PPVs? Two reasons.
1) This would give other superstars a chance to shine on a Pay Per View.
2) This would raise credibility for the big four.

I'll do one further, and actually list the PPVs, and which brand they're exclusive to. The big four will obviously be tri-branded, and I could just distribute the other PPVs to the brands. However, there is one problem. Bragging Rights. They created Bragging Rights as a competition to determine which brand is the best. There are two options. Lose it or make it a tri-branded PPV. If we chose the second option, we could make it switch places with The Bash, because it would be idiotic to have two tri-branded PPVs in a row when there are only five in a year. ECW will probably be dropped soon, but if not, just consider it sharing a PPV with Smackdown!
Here's the list of single-branded that would benefit the WWE:

Night of Champions Raw
Breaking Point Raw
Backlash Raw
Extreme Rules Smackdown!
The Bash Smackdown!
Elimination Chamber Smackdown!
Hell in a Cell Smackdown!

Just another one of our suggestions to better the WWE. I'll be stopping here for now.

Until then,


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