January 27, 2011

Monday Night Raw Review: Jan. 24/11

I don't know what my schedule is going to look like after this week for work because I just got promoted to closing supervisor. I'll fill you in as soon as I know what the plan is. I'll still be doing reviews and other stuff, it just may be on a different schedule than it currently is.

I'm also going to try a new format for this review, and if I think it goes well (feel free to leave comments here, on the ACA Facebook page, or email me). Instead of going chronologically, I'll do 3 separate sections: The good (stuff I liked), the bad (the stuff I didn't like) and the matches (they'll still be individually rated). I'll still do the average match rating, match of the night and overall rating.

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The Good:

-- Corre/Nexus angle. Yeah, we all saw it coming, but with 2 top guys in Punk and Barrett leading the feud it'll be one worth watching. The potential for awesome matches between these guys is what's going to keep me interested. I'm not sold on Ezekiel Jackson as a talker yet, but he can only improve. I'd love to see some tag matches between Harris, McGillicutty, Slater and Gabriel as well. Maybe they could go for the tag titles and actually give them some prestige. Mason Ryan looks fairly promising. I see good things in his future.

-- Edge's opening promo. He does great work on the mic. The only downside of this promo was the Raw GM.

--  Miz. Not only because he interrupted Cena, but because his promo made himself sound powerful. This was one of the better promos he's done recently. It wasn't as repetitive as some others have been.

-- Bryan Danielson the ladies man. Admittedly, Gail Kim isn't my first choice for this, but at least they're using her for something. I don't know if this is truly good because some people could say that he was leading the Bellas on, which is bad, but it puts him above their drama which was pulling him down.

The Bad:

Please note that Cena is a given on this list. I'll only mention him if it's particularly awful.

-- Swagger and McIntyre looking weak. I don't know why they push someone on one show, then make them look bad on the other.

-- LayCool. Can they stay on their own show please? McCool is one of the people I hate on the mic. Everything she says lacks a certain energy, it's all delivered in the same basic tone time after time. Layla is fucking hot though.

-- Cena killing PG. I may not like saying this, but if the PG poster boy can't take it seriously, what's the point? I hate Cena as the face of the company or the PG rating, but if he's going to hold that spot, can he at least act like it?

-- Putting your 2 world champions on the mid card. Yes, it was a great match, but when placed low on the card it makes it seem less important than it really is. They're supposed to be the 2 top guys in the company, yet having their match so early makes it seem like it's not as big as what comes after it.

-- Excessive profanity? What the fuck is that? Why would the GM even allow that to stand? Granted, both teams are in the Rumble but it wasn't worth it.

The Matches:

Morrison and Henry vs. Sheamus and Del Rio -- For a tag match with Mark Henry (for at least the second week in a row) this was pretty good. I liked the finish, it's not often you see Mark Henry tap. It really helps to put over Del Rio who in my mind is a future world champion.

Rating: 7/10

Melina vs. Natalya -- It was a short match, but it was still good. Melina is extremely aggressive and I like that. Natalya's counter at the end was very cool.

Rating: 6/10

Miz vs. Edge -- PPV quality until the ending. I can understand why they had the ending the way it was because they don't want either champion looking weak going into the Rumble, but at the same time I wanted to see a proper finish. Maybe some day down the road these 2 will go at it for one of the top belts.

Rating: 8/10

Danielson and the Bellas vs. Ted DiBiase, Maryse and Alicia Fox -- This was total bullshit. I want my 30 seconds back. I've been saying for weeks now, just split the Bellas up already for crying out fuck. I don't think they'd do well outside of the twin gimmick, and this is probably going to lead to their release, but just get on with it.

Rating: 2/10

McGillicutty and Harris vs. Santino and Kozlov -- The match wasn't that exciting, but the right people won. Harris and McGillicutty did well and Santino did do a decent job of selling it. Other than that, nothing that great.

Rating: 5/10

Punk vs. Barrett, Cena as the ref -- I'm not going to bother. I'd give it a zero, but aside form the bullshit Barrett and Punk were phenomenal.

Rating: 3/10

Average Match Rating: 5.2/10 (-1.8)

Match of the Night: Miz vs Edge

Overall Show Rating: 5/10 (-1.5)

For a go home show, it was weak. For the average Raw as of late, it was right on par. The moments of greatness were muddied by the crap around them.

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