July 9, 2009

Restructuring WWE

Folks, I've been thinking for a while now about how to improve the WWE. I've come to the conclusion that it will take a total ground-up restructuring. So, as Jim Carrey said in The Mask "hold on to your lugnuts, it's time for an overhaul."

Step 1:

Merge Raw and SD into one roster. I'll explain my plan for ECW later, but for now, we'll start with this. Viewers will still see SD and Raw air every week. The titles will still be unique as well. EG: WWE Champion Randy Orton can compete on Smackdown, but his title will only ever be defended on Raw or on PPV.

This opens up a world of new feuds, but still gives you a reason to watch both shows. It also gives more time to build up feuds, which is needed in some cases. This is good for both the fans and the company, because the fans get to see some new things, and ratings for both shows should go up.

As for the titles, here's the breakdown:


WWE Championship (With a new design, that spinner is God awful)
Intercontinental Championship


United States Championship

"Floating" titles:

Unified Tag Titles (with it's own belt design instead of 2)
Hardcore Title (under 24/7 rules)
Women's Title (merged with the Diva's title)

Step 2:

Get rid of Superstars. There's no need for a third show. It's a waste of money to have 3 shows going with the same roster. Save the money and put it into hiring some new talent.

Step 3:

Speaking of new talent, make ECW the developmental show. Give the young guys a chance to get screen time without being buried by top dogs. ECW will be completely separate from Raw and SD, with it's own World and Tag titles. It'll also get expanded to 2 hours, because it's just too short otherwise.

Granted, all 3 shows will use the same refs, and ring announcer. As for commentary, put King and JR back together for Raw and Smackdown, and have Striker and Matthews stay on ECW.

Step 3:

Now that the weekly shows are done, it's time for PPV's. Alternate between Raw/SD, ECW, and tri-branded. So every third PPV would be one of the "big 4": WM in March, Summerslam in June, Survivor Series in September, and then the RR in December. Bit of a change, but I think it'll do some good.

As for having the ECW PPV's separate, see the above step about screen time. As for naming the PPV's that's not important right now. Now, since ECW is it's own separate entity and do not appear on Raw or SD, we need to give them that chance.

At the Royal Rumble, there will be an "Extreme Rumble" taking place between all ECW talent. the winner gets a spot on the main Raw/SD roster.

You're probably wondering about how Money in the Bank is going to work. It'll be exactly the same. ECW superstars will be included, and the contract is good for any title at any time for one year.

Step 4:

New management. Even though the rosters are no longer separate, the shows still need their own leaders.

Raw: I like Shane for this. Kind of a passing of the torch from father to son. Vince will still be the chairman.

Smackdown: Bring back Eric Bischoff. I loved his style. He could really play a good management type on air.

ECW: 3 guesses who I want to see. Give up? Paul Heyman. 'Nuff said.

Step 5:

New format for the WWE Draft. Since the rosters are now merged, there's no possible way to draft between them. So, superstars will be drafted from ECW to the main roster. Matches will still determine who gets to choose. GM's will pick their representatives for each match (like the hair vs. hair match at WM 23). The winning GM gets to choose who they want on the main roster.

It'll still be scripted, but it'll seem like they have a choice. But how will ECW get new talent? Like this: Throughout the night, there will be matches between 4-6 developmental talents, and whoever wins gets a spot on the ECW roster.

I think that about does it. If I come up with anything else, I'll add it.



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