July 10, 2009

Fantasy Storylines -- Submission Supremacy, Part 1

Welcome to the first fantasy storyline for our superstar of the month: Undertaker.

Week 1:

Chris Jericho is in the ring, proclaiming that the Walls of Jericho is the greatest submission hold in the history of the WWE. Sharpshooter, Sleeper, Camel Clutch, none of them can hold a candle to the Walls.

This has been going on for a couple of weeks now, and it's getting on fan's nerves.

Just then, the lights go out. they come back on to Jericho in the ring, coughing up blood. There is nobody to be seen, just a bloodied Jericho. Medics race out and load him onto a stretcher. They wheel him up the ramp to the back.

Later on in the show, the announcers say that Jericho has been taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Week 2:

Jericho is back, and he has a bandage over his throat. He sounds very hoarse. He says that what happened last week will not go unpunished, and that he demands the persons responsible come out to the ring.

Nobody answers, but the arena goes dark again. A video starts playing, with ominous music. The words "Summerslam" and "Hells Gates open" flicker on the screen. Just as quickly as it started, it ends. The lights come back on, and there's a dark figure standing on the stage. He points at Jericho, then disappears in a puff of smoke.

Week 3:

Jericho is in the ring yet again, and he says that he's not scared. He isn't afraid of whoever is doing this. He isn't afraid of a coward who can't show his face. Once more, the lights go out. This time, they come back on and the dark figure is in the ring with Jericho. The figure once again points at Jericho, who attempts to attack him. Jericho goes for a spear, but only gets an arm full of robe.

The figure is gone, and Jericho is in shock. He really thought he had him that time.

Week 4:

This week, Jericho isn't playing around. No more hiding, no more attacks, he demands to see who is behind this right now. A video similar to the first one starts playing, and when it ends, Undertaker is in the ring behind Jericho.

The men lock up, and Jericho drops Undertaker with a Codebreaker, and then locks in the Walls of Jericho. Security tries to separate the men, and when they're finally pulled apart, 'Taker rolls his eyes and makes the cut throat gesture to Jericho.

Week 5:

Jericho is in a match against John Morrison. The match is quite a good one, and Jericho tries to end it with a Walls of Jericho. Morrison taps after a minute or so, and it's all over. Jericho yells out "you're next Undertaker"

Later on, it's now Taker in a match against Finlay. Undertaker has Finlay up for a Tombstone, but wait... he sets him down? Undertaker drops Finlay with a big boot, and locks in the Hell's Gate. Finlay taps almost instantly.

Jericho now makes his way onto the ramp. The men stare down, each one shooting daggers at the other. The lights go out again, and the dark figure appears in the place of Undertaker. The figure points at Jericho yet again.

The lights go off again, and when they come back on Jericho is all alone on the stage.

Week 6:

Undertaker is in the ring, in full Deadman attire. There's the standard "Undertaker blue" lighting, where almost everything is completely blued out.

Undertaker tells Jericho that he has called on death itself to help bring Jericho down. For far too long Jericho has been strutting around like he owns the place. It's time for that to end. In 2 weeks at SummerSlam, Jericho and Undertaker will meet in a submission match. There is also one more stipulation: Whoever loses is no longer allowed to use their submission hold.

Jericho appears on the screen, and accepts. He wants to add his own little clause to the match: there is to be no physical contact between the 2 men before SummerSlam. If one of them does initiate contact, they will automatically lose the right to use their submission hold.

Taker agrees. The match is set. Suddenly, the lights go out on the screen and Jericho is plunged into darkness. The lights are back on, and the dark figure is standing behind Jericho. Undertaker says that while he may not be able to touch Jericho, death can touch anyone.

"Death" proceeds to attack Jericho, and then diappears in a puff of smoke.

Week 7:

This week, Undertaker is in action against CM Punk. Jericho joins the announce team at ringside. The match is going great, when Edge runs in and attacks Taker. Jericho takes a mic and says that while he can't touch Taker, Edge can.

Jericho tells the Undertaker that this is only a small taste of what's going to happen at SummerSlam. Jericho says that we will never again see the Hell's Gate in the WWE. the show ends with Edge and Jericho standing over the Undertaker.

Week 8:

This is it: SummerSlam. We're here tonight to determine who has the most dominant submission hold in the WWE. BUT: I'm not gonna finish this just yet. I'm going to give you readers a chance to vote on who wins, and then write the match based on your votes.

Til next week,


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