April 4, 2010

First NXT rankings are in

This week marked the first round of NXT rankings. As "voted" by the pros, they stand as follows:

8. Darren Young
7. Michael Tarver
6. Skip Sheffield
5. David Otunga
4. Heath Slater
3. Justin Gabriel
2. Wade Barrett
1. Daniel Bryan

So, with that being said, for the most part, I agree. My only complaint is that Skip Sheffield isn't lower, and I would reverse the current 2 and 3 positions, moving Gabriel up, and Barrett down.

I am aware that this is all rigged, and there's a reason for these rankings. What the plan is right now, I don't know. I just want to see Danielson get a Goddamn win.

I don't know what the future holds for these 8 rookies, but for some of them, it looks pretty bleak.

My hope is that Skip Sheffield goes first. He's got the worst gimmick, can't handle a match, and he's no good on the mic. Do I want to see him eliminated? Yep yep yep.

I want it to come down to, well, the current top 4 in the end. I think that would make for a great match, and here's hoping Danielson wins.

Aside from that, David Otunga is hosting RAW this week. Big deal. The only reason he won is so they could bring in the celebrity he's banging.

I think NXT so far is a good concept that has been at times poorly executed. I think WWE can get it into shape soon.

For once, I have faith in the WWE and NXT. Good luck to all the rookies (not that they'll need it. What they'll really need is a desire to blow Vince).

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